About Lesters Painting LLC

Our Past

Our company, Lesters Painting LLC, was established nearly a decade and a half ago under the premise of providing quality, prompt painting services that are both readily available and for commercial and residential properties as well as possessing an undeniable consistency that has been proven to be a worthwhile investment.


Our Present

Furthermore, our inclusion of the decades of painting experience we've earned in our various painting capacities throughout the years has often proven to be the difference between a "so-so" or immemorable painting experience during a painting project/endeavor and a painting experience that not only yields the desired results but also stands the test(s) of time, elements, and/or wear & tear.

Our Future

To best serve you, our esteemed client (be you an existing painting customer of ours or one who is seeking our world-class painting coverage), we strongly encourage you to peruse the various painting services and painting capacities that our in-house painting specialists are able to perform in and around the various commercial & residential properties here in Clark County, Washington.



Our Success

While it's largely understood that any successful business, regardless if it's a local painting company specializing in interior and exterior painting services, relies on the support of customers and clientele alike to remain relevant in every industry, we've noticed that precious few actually take the time to express any sort of gratitude or appreciation for the relationship between service-provider and service-seeker. As such, we would like to take the extra time to say thank you to all customers, residents, and fellow contractors alike: We appreciate your business as well as any feedback regarding our painting services. Furthermore, in support of our Armed Forces and Senior Citizens, we are proud to offer discounts on our various painting services and painting capacities!