Welcome to Lesters Painting LLC

We Are Family Owned and Family Operated

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn a bit about how we here at Lester's Painting, LLC are not only fulfilling the painting needs of our local commercial and residential clientele in Clark County, WA but we are actually raising the "painting standard" as well! Many customers and even fellow painting companies/competitors often inquire as to how our painting specialists are able to promptly & efficiently complete the various interior/exterior painting projects we are enlisted to carry out without sacrificing anything in terms of quality & affordability and our answer is quite simple. We have over twenty years (and still going strong!) of painting experience in both commercial painting and residential painting that includes interior painting services, exterior painting services, and custom/specialty painting options as well!

Continue reading below to better acquaint yourself with our company, Lester's Painting, LLC, as well as our various painting capacities, painting services, and painting coverage that we offer for residential/commercial properties. Please keep in mind that during our storied tenure as Clark County, Washington's premier painting company, we've had the opportunity to work with a wealth of local clients on an equally abundant amount of painting projects so we take tremendous pride in our painting versatility as well as our penchant for adapting to accommodate each clients' specific painting needs.


Whether our seasoned painters are tasked with stripping down/removing old paint to apply a fresh coat of primer and interior paint or if our painting services are used more for aesthetic/visual enhancement such as outlining or accent wall painting, you can rest assured that your interior painting project is the capable hands here at Lester's Painting, LLC.



Considering the exterior of your property, be it residential or commercially scaled, is the first thing that guests are greeted with when they are visiting your property so it's essential to have a clean, consistent paint job to help not only protect the features of the property but to make your company feel completely welcome!



Commercial properties, especially the commercial properties located in Clark County, Washington, are inherently vast, expansive plots of land with large structures and often multiple suites or units. As such, with properties that are so large and experience a fair amount of traffic, having a proper painting job to match the property is absolutely vital.